The Team

Birds of a feather flock together.

Robin, from the Goose and Gander Team

Robin “Goose” Roberson

President and Co-founder

Midwest nice with an entrepreneurial wingspan. 100% about the customer. Robin founded WeGoLook in 2009 to solve big problems in the insurance, finance, automotive, and heavy equipment spaces. What began as a mere idea led to massive industry disruption: Robin and her team grew the business to more than 45,000 gig economy workers and more than 140 team members. Robin is a sought-after thought leader and public speaker on entrepreneurship, innovation, and industry trends.

Now Robin uses her sales expertise, tech-savvy, and growth mindset to help companies of all sizes take off, rethink the way they operate, and evangelize their customer base.

Kenneth, from the Goose and Gander team

Kenneth “Gander” Knoll

CEO and Co-founder

Kenneth has a fascination for how things work, and it shows up in everything he touches. He’s got a knack for improving market positioning, digging under the hood of company’s operations to reveal challenges, uncovering creative solutions, and leveraging technology to drive efficiency. As former COO of WeGoLook, Kenneth explores our clients’ challenges with a creative but methodical mindset, and a constant eye for improvement.

Prior to WeGoLook, Kenneth earned his wings in the venture capital investment world. His niche: providing business development and capital formation to help countless technology companies take flight. He’s experienced in refining business models and go-to-market strategies, raising VC, finance, and operations.

Joe, from the Goose and Gander team

Joe Consedine

Owner, Consedine Company

Joe is a seasoned marketer and digital jack-of-all trades. Efficiency is the name of his game whether it’s maximizing ROI on eight-figure ad budgets or improving business processes.

For the last decade Joe ran point on several digital marketing operations and large-scale marketplace businesses. He has also helped large brands like Yamaha improve their digital efforts. He takes great joy in assisting companies of all stages and sizes along their growth journey. Above all, he believes in empowering clients and equipping them with the necessary tools to make their dreams a reality.

Ken, from the Goose and Gander team

Ken Fraser

President & CEO, Caledonia Risk Solutions

Ken Fraser is an accomplished Senior Executive, Consultant, and Board Member with more than 30 years of success across the financial services and insurance industries. Leveraging extensive experience in growth strategy, go-to-market strategy, and turnaround management, he is a valuable advisor for an organization growing, scaling, or expanding globally. His broad areas of expertise include global operations, risk management, insurance, business development, and global strategy.

Throughout his executive career, Ken has held leadership positions with Caledonia Risk Solutions, Crawford & Company, Wells Fargo, Marsh & McLennan Companies, and Sedgwick Group.

Zehra, from the Goose and Gander team

Zehra Madrid

Modern Lawyer

Blockchain. Insurtech. Business Evolution. Procurement. Government Contracting.

Zehra is passionate about educating her business clients when they decide who to do business with and how. She counsels them on risk mitigation strategies and business approaches that align with their legal interests. She recognizes the inherent tensions between legal requirements and business growth objectives and diligently works to forge creative and workable solutions. Zehra has spent the vast majority of her 17 year legal career working in the health insurance and health care technology industries where she focused on commercial and government contracting, regulatory compliance and multimillion dollar acquisitions.